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Showcases: Courage to Rebrand - 'AI Yourself', Transforming her appearance with professional attire to boost authenticity. Initially in Cantonese, available for adaptation in 50 languages.


Showcases: CEO Presents Core Value Propositions. An Eco-Paint Expert Details the Company's Unique Value and Future Directions.


Showcases: Season's Greetings - A Multicultural Celebration. Highlighting Inclusivity and Distinctive Connections.

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21-Day Challenges!

AI-Driven Transformation in Digital Marketing: This case study presents a groundbreaking digital marketing campaign for the "極致塑形·增肌減脂專業套餐" (Extreme Body Sculpting and Muscle Gain Professional Package).

Trailer: Leading the Flight!

Chinese New Year Wishes: Visionary Goals for a Bold Future. A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation. AI-Driven Motion Pictures. Boosting Company Core Values and Community Connections at a Fraction of Traditional Production Costs.

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Well Researched Strategy For Your Brand's Success


Our approach begins with in-depth research and analysis to understand the unique aspects of your brand, market trends, and customer behaviors. This foundational insight allows us to develop a tailored strategy that positions your brand for success, driving growth and building a lasting connection with your audience.

By focusing on data-driven decision-making, we ensure that every aspect of your digital presence is optimized for maximum impact and alignment with your overall long term business goals.

Extended Analytics for Your Brand

Outcome-driven strategies to boost your business

Your Trusted Partner from Day One


Magnify Your Brand Identity with AI Innovation


Revitalize your brand with our AI-enhanced branding services, aimed at distinguishing your brand in the digital age. By harnessing AI, we develop dynamic identities and strategies that engage your audience effectively.

Using AI, we create logos and formulate brand messaging that's both insightful and innovative. This approach not only grabs attention but strengthens connections with your customers

Creating a Memorable Brand Identity

Cultivating Brand Loyalty Through Consistent Messaging

Strategic Positioning to Outshine Competitor


User-Centric Biz Design for Customer Growth


Our design philosophy centers on user-focused principles, ensuring our creations are not only beautiful but also enhance engagement and conversion. We prioritize your audience's needs, making your brand more attractive and accessible.

From websites to digital marketing materials, our designs drive conversions, attract new customers, and cement your brand's presence in the digital landscape.

Balancing Aesthetics and Usability

Enhancing User Experience to Drive Engagement

Innovative Solutions for Digital Interaction

The ThinkHat's Team

Our AI Powerhouse

Eric Poon

Founder &
AI Digital Solution Architect

Sofi Wyen
Sofi Wyen

AI Ambassador & Omnichannel Conversational AI Practitioner

Bono Watts
Bono Watts

Master Thinker & Knowledge Strategist

Cassidy Vireo
Dimitri Vireo

Digital Sales & Marketing Tactician, Generative AI Specialist

Kate Moreno
Kate Moreno

AI Content & Assets Creator, Story Crafter, IP Designer

Neo Stonik
Neo Stronik

AI Data, Knowledge & Prompt Engineer, Social Media Analysts

Ava Park
Ava Liang

AI Automation, Business Flow, Finance & ERP Expert

Team Member Pic
Rowan Keene

Online and Offline Customer Growth Partner





Empower creativity with ethical AI


To revolutionize digital branding through ethical AI, we focus on enhancing human creativity with AI-driven solutions. Our mission is to empower clients with unique, effective branding strategies, blending technology with human-centered design.


Pioneer the future of AI branding


Our vision is to lead in digital branding with AI innovation, redefining industry standards. We aspire to create a future where AI amplifies human potential, making advanced branding accessible and impactful.


Innovate, integrity, and people-centric


Our culture values innovation, ethical AI, and human potential. We are committed to creativity, continuous learning, and ethical practices in AI, fostering a workplace where technology enhances human interaction in digital marketing.


We have worked with some remarkable clients


"I'm thrilled! My Facebook and Instagram have more views, and the photos look so beautiful, really enhancing my professional image. It has sparked interest among my friends and business associates, making it much easier to arrange meetings!"

Nana Ng



"My videos used to get very few views. I never imagined my tech-focused videos could attract so much attention now to 7.7K views ! Even my friends in Singapore are asking me how I managed to make them look so stylish! It's been a huge help in my promotion efforts!"

Peter Choi

CEO, Eco-paints, South Asia

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